Groups For Men

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MEND (Men Exploring New Directions)


Our men’s behaviour change program, MEND, is for men who want to stop hurting and frightening the people they love.


MEND groups have up to 14 participants, with two facilitators, usually a man and a woman. These groups for men are confidential and have a friendly atmosphere.


What are MEND groups like?


The exercises and discussions in MEND help men in the group identify the changes they want to make and how to go about making them. We discuss the consequences of abusive and controlling behaviour; how to take responsibility for change; understanding and managing feelings.

Each MEND group runs for 3 hours and the full course runs for 20-40 weeks depending on your assessed need. We will ask you to commit to a 10-week set of sessions (module) at a time.



What happens if you call?


You will be offered a one-to-one Intake interview with one of our MEND facilitators. In the Intake interview we will discuss your situation and start to map out the behaviours that are of concern.


We will also talk about the MEND group with you and answer any questions you might have. It often takes more than one Intake interview to talk through everything.


Click here to contact us and we’ll arrange an Intake appointment for you.


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Phone the Men & Family Centre directly on 02 6622 6116.